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Peter Pormann Paper

Journal of Jewish Studies, VOL. LV, NO. 1, pp102-117 Spring 2004 Two New Starrs Relating to the History of Merton College, Oxford Peter E.Pormann Merton

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modern narrative

Oxford Modern Period

This is a temporary article. We hope to be able to upload chapters from Dr David Lewis’ book. Through the 18th century, there are scattered

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blue plaques

Isaiah Berlin Report JC

Tributes to Sir Isaiah From The Jewish Chronicle by Alison Ryde, Oxford June 18, 2009 Oxford’s Jewish Heritage Committee was instrumental in securing blue plaque

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medieval personalities

Roster of Medieval Jews

“The following is a working list of those members of the medieval Oxford Jewish community for which we have records. English medieval Jewries are the

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modern timeline

Timeline Modern

This timeline will be updated as soon as possible to include more twentieth and twenty first century events: 1655 – Manasseh ben Israel, a rabbi

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exclusion timeline

Timeline Exclusion

Oxford Events  1309 – The former Synagogue in Great Jewry is converted into a tavern called ‘Broadyates’ (and from 1520 ‘Dolphin’). It is now part

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medieval timeline

Timeline Medieval

Oxford 1066-1087 – William I (the Conqueror) Jews come to England with William the Conqueror from Rouen. 1075 – Jews settle in Oxford   1087-1100

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modern literature

Oxford Mail and Oxford Times 1931

In June 1931 several plaques were unveiled by the Oxford City Council to commemorate various events connected with the medieval Jewish presence in Oxford. These

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Our aim is to raise the profile of the history of Jews in Oxford from earliest records through to the modern day.

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