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Oxford Jewish   Oxford Jewish Congregation: Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies: Oxford University Jewish Society: National Anglo-Jewish Heritage Trail

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deacon jewess
medieval literature


The Deacon & the Jewess A Play in One Act by H F Rubenstein (1935) Copyright Samuel French Ltd

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exclusion narrative

Oxford Exclusion

Oxford during the Middle Period – The exclusion of the Jews 1290 – 1655 After Edward I expelled all Jews from England in November of 1290,

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museum exhibitions

Museum Exhibitions

One of the long-term aims of the Oxford Jewish Heritage Committee is to establish a permanent museum display telling the fascinating story of the Medieval

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botanic gardens

Medieval Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish Cemetery was set up on areas of land the medieval Oxford Jews purchased shortly after 1177, which were in fact water meadows by

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blue plaques

Blue Plaques in Oxford

The Oxfordshire Jewish Heritage Committee is reviewing the presence of Blue Plaques which commemorate places or people with a Jewish connection. To have a Plaque

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our publications

Documenting Oxford

Oxford Jewry Pam Manix & Silke Schaeper This article was originally published in: Christ Church Library Newsletter vol. 4, issue 3, Trinity 2008, p. 1-5;

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further reading

Corpus Hebrew Manuscripts

A Mirror Reflecting the Early History of Jews in England By Dr Peter Pormann, published in the Pelican Record Reproduced here by kind permission of

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About OJH

Our aim is to raise the profile of the history of Jews in Oxford from earliest records through to the modern day.

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