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Oxford Events 

1309 – The former Synagogue in Great Jewry is converted into a tavern called ‘Broadyates’ (and from 1520 ‘Dolphin’). It is now part of Christ Church.

1312 – Hebrew is studied in Oxford from this date.

1540 – Regius Chair of Hebrew established for Canon of Christ Church

1590 – Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta is performed

1597 – First performance of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice

1613 – Jacob Barnet working on Hebrew Collections of Bodleian – promises to convert and then runs away.

1650 – Jacob the Jew opens a coffee shop (where The Grand Café now stands) – recorded by Anthony Wood.

1655 – Manasseh ben Israel, a rabbi from Holland, arrives to persuade Oliver Cromwell to re-admit Jews into England.

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Our aim is to raise the profile of the history of Jews in Oxford from earliest records through to the modern day.

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