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lectures and special events

Opening Oxford to the World

Until June 1871, full membership of the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham was confined to members of the Church of England. But the Universities

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The Silver Video

The Silver Video: As reported in Menorah (summer 2021)  the Silver family found an old digital video recording made by George Silver at an Oxford

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notable modern

Richard Koch 1902-1992

Richard Koch 1902 – 1992 An Obituary of Richard Koch appeared in the Jewish Chronicle on 17th January 1997 A copy can be read by

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notable modern

Franz Baermann Steiner 1909-1952

 Franz Baermann Steiner (1909-1952) was born in Prague and died in Oxford.     He was a social anthropologist, polymath, essayist, aphorist, and poet. He was

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Prof Geza Vermes 1924-2013

The following Obituary appeared in the Jewish Chronicle of May 17th 2013 Prof. Vermes was appointed Reader in Jewish Studies in Oxford in 1965.  He

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OJHeritage Booklist

Oxford’s Jewish Heritage – Book List The King’s Jews: Money, Massacre and Exodus in Medieval England                        Author: Robin

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Oral History Project

In 2013 the Oxford Jewish Heritage Committee (OJHC) launched The Oral History Project, an exciting initiative to record the life stories of members of the Oxford

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About OJH

Our aim is to raise the profile of the history of Jews in Oxford from earliest records through to the modern day.

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