The Silver Video

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The Silver Video:

As reported in Menorah (summer 2021)  the Silver family found an old digital video recording made by George Silver at an Oxford Jewish Community event in George and Freda’s home in the early 70’s, in which he asked members for their views about the proposed new Synagogue to be built in Richmond Road.    The video could be a moving experience to watch for those older OJC members, to see, themselves or their family members, almost 50 years younger being interviewed.   

We have attempted to contact all those featured, or their descendants for permission to display this film and hope that any we didn’t reach will not be offended but pleased to see their loved ones.       The video has been digitally enhanced but some of the early ‘flashes’ remain, but they get less as the video progresses.

Many thanks to Jonathan and Andrew Silver for offering the Oxford Jewish Heritage Committee this important record of the views of the community of the time.      Please send any feedback on the content of the video, or any extra information that you may have about the period or thoughts about the event to the Webmaster via

So far we have been able to identify the following (with their appearance timecode):

Nathan & Henry Posner    (0 – 6.16)

Harry Rosenberg                (6.16 – 8.05) 

Simon Applebaum             (8.05-11.17) 

Mrs Leverton                      (11.17-12.35)

Will Sabel                          (12.35 -15.10) 

Prof Frankel                       (15.10 – 18.35)

Ron May                             (18.35-22.49)

Eva Bloom                         (22.49-25.04) ( she mentions Wizo)

Irene Roth                         (25.04-32.29) 

Rabbi Cyril Harris              (32.29-34.30)  Hillel

Jo Gilbert                           (34.30-35.10)  Hillel 

Alan Tunkel                       (35.10-36.40) OUJS President

Chaim, Batya and Ymima Rabin    (36.10 – end)

To watch the video in full please press play below on the video player, you can also play at full screen if you wish.

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