The Jewish Journey Launch at The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

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Ashmolean Museum, 16th November 2017

The Jewish Journey takes 22 of the great riches of the Ashmolean Museum and with the guidance of Rebecca Abrams, the model of learned story-teller, provides a route through time and its objects to moments of illumination.”  Simon Schama

The launch of this book, the culmination of almost 8 years work by the Oxford Jewish Heritage Committee, written by Rebecca Abrams, and published by the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford took place at the Museum on the evening of 16th November 2017.   A reception in the lower ground floor of the museum was attended by over 160 invited guests, comprising representatives of: the Oxford Jewish Congregation, the UK Jewish Community, Oxford University, Oxford City Council, local and national journalists with particular interest in religious and literary journalism. The attendees were able to hear from the Director of the Ashmolean Museum, Xa Sturgis, The Convenor of the Oxford Jewish Heritage Committee, Evie Kemp, and Rebecca Abrams the author, and were entertained by musical representations of the three main eras of the Jewish Journey as described in the book; The Temple Era, The Diaspora and the Emancipation,  including the first performance of a new composition by Jeremy Arden performed by the Appel String Quartet, followed by Matthew Faulk on the Lute. The author was available for book signing.

Images taken at the event

taken by Alison Ryde:

There are two videos of the event which can be downloaded

short one (2 mins) 

and a long one (27 mins)

Made by Anna Burton

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