Stonesetting Delayed 62 Years!

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The Stonesetting for Franz Baerman Steiner took place at 11am on Sunday October 19th 2014 in the Jewish Section at Wolvercote Cemetery.   Dr Steiner was alone at his death all his family having perished in the Holocaust.   The stone has been funded by an appeal to an International Groups of Scholars.  The community is grateful to them.

The organiser of this mitzvah, Prof Jeremy Adler, Emeritus Professor of German, Kings College London. read a eulogy at the graveside after the stonesetting which is available to read on the OJC website.   They two dozen or so attendees, mostly distinguished scholars from British Universities, but also some from the University of Siegen in Germany, then attended a scholarly gathering in the Haldane Room at Wolfson College where they discussed Steiner’s life and work.   The president of the OJC and three other members of the community were in attendance also.   The President expressed his thanks to the group for carrying out this important duty of remembrance. 

An article about this famous polymath and academic’s tragic and productive life can be found on the Notable Jews Page

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