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Oxford University has received a landmark £80 million donation from the Reuben Foundation that will transform Oxford’s newest college, initially named Parks College. The college is now set to become Reuben College, “in recognition of the historic gift that secures its vision of a diverse, dynamic research community working on some of the key issues of our time”.

Lisa Reuben, Trustee of the Reuben Foundation, said: “The Reuben Foundation has been supporting Oxford University for many years with its scholarship programme to support those from disadvantaged backgrounds. We are delighted to further our ties with the university through this endowment, creating the new Reuben College which will become part of Oxford life in perpetuity along with a further enhanced scholarship endowment.”

The Reuben Foundation was formed in 2002 and is committed to contributing to the advancement of healthcare and education around the world. In 2012 they gave money to build the Reuben Business and Science Faculty Building at Oxford Spires Academy, including science labs, ICT suites, a sixth-form centre and lecture theatre.

Brothers David and Simon Reuben were born in Bombay (Mumbai), the sons of Baghdadi Jews David Sassoon Reuben and his wife Nancy. They moved to London with their mother after their parents separated, and were involved in metal trading (David) and selling carpets (Simon), before investing in the property market. A piece on their website says that “the brothers, who are of Sephardic Jewish heritage … gather much of their philosophy for giving from their Jewish culture, their parents, the late Nancy and David-Sassoon Reuben, and from their home of England”.

To read the announcement in full, click here .

To see more about the Reuben Foundation’s initiatives, click here .

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