Jews in Oxford after 1290

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The granddaughter of Cecil Roth has recently discovered a reprint from the Journal Oxoniensia when sorting old family documents, and has kindly offered this document to the Oxford Jewish Heritage Committee.


Extract from the Oxoniensia website.   Further examination of this site might reveal more articles of a similar nature.

Oxoniensia is the annual journal of Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society (OAHS). It is one of the foremost archaeological, architectural, and local history journals in the country.   Oxoniensia is a refereed journal.

Oxoniensia first appeared in 1936. The early volumes contain a remarkable mix of history and archaeology, including some of the very earliest aerial photography. Publication was maintained through the second world war, though paper shortages meant that volumes were short and produced in very small runs. Most of the early material now made available on this site has until now only been available in a few libraries, mostly in Oxford.

Click to download as a pdf file     Cecil Roth’s paper:  Jews in Oxford after 1290

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Our aim is to raise the profile of the history of Jews in Oxford from earliest records through to the modern day.

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