Jewish Renaissance Oxford Oct 2019

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The magazine Jewish Renaissance published in October 2019 featured Oxford on its front cover, and included as part of its PASSPORT series EIGHT separate articles by and about aspects of Oxford Jewish Life and the rich Oxford Jewish Heritage.

With the kind permission of the editor (Rebecca Taylor) these eight articles are included for you to read on this site, and if that wasn’t enough she has also said that if any of the OJC sign up for the current issue of Jewish Renaissance they can receive a back issue of their choice for free.    You can search for back issues on the website and see the Passport section if one is interested in a particular country or town we have 20 years worth of in depth reports from all over the world!            If interested please quote: Oxford Heritage if you make the subscription over the phone, or if you make the sub online, email the editor and she will let the subscription team know. 

About OJH

Our aim is to raise the profile of the history of Jews in Oxford from earliest records through to the modern day.

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