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Aerial Views

The Oxford Jewish Heritage Committee is very grateful to Robert Norton, who has taken these aerial pictures of Oxford showing the Oxford Jewish Centre. Others

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Lionel Kochan, 1922-2005

Doyen of Jewish historians Lionel Edmund Kochan was born in Cricklewood, London, and educated at Haberdasher Aske School. His further education, which started when he

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Ron May 1917-1998

Born Aaron Mayevsky, London 13.2.1917; died Oxford 25.2.1998. Ron May was a quiet modest person who was never in the limelight. Yet he was much

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Isaiah Berlin 1909-1997

Sir Isaiah Berlin was a Russian-British philosopher and historian of ideas, regarded as one of the leading thinkers of the twentieth century, and as the

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Cecil Roth
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Cecil Roth 1899-1970

Cecil Roth has been described as one of the greatest Jewish historians of the 20th Century. As well as being an esteemed historian and educator

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About OJH

Our aim is to raise the profile of the history of Jews in Oxford from earliest records through to the modern day.

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