Roster of Medieval Jews

"The following is a working list of those members of the medieval Oxford Jewish community for which we have records. English medieval Jewries are the best documented 13th century Jewish communities in the world, and Oxford is, arguably, the best documented of them all.

"While this is presented merely as a work-in-progress, only the slightest perusal of it will reveal to any reader the wealth of characters who inhabited this remarkable Jewish quarter. Enjoy browsing this in the state at which it is at the moment—it tells of some 250 medieval Oxford Jewish individuals." (research of Pam Manix,  e-mail contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

The Jews of Medieval Oxford, a roster, a work-in-progress

Aaron f. Benedict of Winchester grandson of Licoricia, brother of Avegay and Vives

Aaron Canis, Died 1256. Lived on corner of Fish Street and Little Jewry Lane

(Aaron, living/transacting business in Dorchester, Oxon. in 1277)

Aaron f. Isaac of Oxford Lived on corner of Carfax where Edinburgh Woolen Mill Shop is now. His house was burned by King Stephen, 1141 to induce Jews to give over money to pay for ongoing war with Matilda (this after Matilda had recently just extracted large sum from same group). Threatened to burn entire Jewry if not forthcoming.