Thank you for visiting the website of the Oxford Jewish Heritage Committee which was established by The Oxford Jewish Congregation (OJC) in Autumn 2006.   The committee consists of a mix of enthusiasts in the field with the support of Hebraists, medievalists and archaeologists

At the heart of the project is an aim to raise the profile of the history of Jews in Oxford from earliest records through to modern day community activities.   The earliest Jews arrived in Oxford from France in 1070s and soon developed a thriving community in the city and surrounds.   That community was expelled from Oxford and England by the proclamation of King Edward 1 in 1290.

Oxford, because of the presence of the University that has preserved so much of the historical evidence,  retains a unique memory of those medieval Jews.  Their story has been largely unknown and is described as the ‘Hidden History’.  This website is devoted to uncovering and offering to a wider audience this history and was launched in September 2009.  It is constantly revised and updated.

Highlights include detailed maps of Medieval Jewish Oxford, an Inventory of Hebraica and Judaica in the Oxford Colleges, Blue Plaques for famous Oxford Jews and much more.

Save the page and keep checking for updates as we take you on the journey through Oxford's Jewish History.